Basics of Congenital Heart Disease

Basics of Congenital Heart Disease

The 18th Annual Building Partnerships for Healthier Hearts Conference is designed to address cause, diagnosis, and treatment strategies of heart and vascular disease, which is still the number one cause of death in the United States. Many patients suffer from multiple forms of heart and vascular illness.

This program is intended to provide a team approach to care for heart and vascular diseases.

The Heart and Vascular Center of Excellence at Wake Forest Baptist Health is a national leader for the comprehensive, collaborative, systematic, and evidence-based care of patients with heart and vascular diseases.

Through a multidisciplinary partnership of healthcare professionals from various departments and sections, we are better able to provide high quality and a more effective delivery of care.

Wake Forest Baptist Health offers cutting-edge diagnostic and management strategies for heart and vascular care, many of which will be discussed in this conference.

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