Office Dermatology: Name that Rash

Office Dermatology: Name that Rash

The purpose of Practical Pediatrics is to offer providers current information relevant to the care of infants, children and adolescents in the outpatient setting. Following the presentations, attendees should be better able to:

  • Review factors associated with teen driver crashes.
  • Describe the evidence for improved outcomes with the patient-centered medical home model.
  • Interpret commonly ordered rheumatologic laboratory tests.
  • Recognize and manage dermatologic disorders.
  • Review the epidemiology of pertussis in the United States and North Carolina.
  • Review current U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for contraception for pediatric and adolescent populations.
  • Review the importance of motor vehicle crashes as a leading cause of child injury and death.
  • Discuss MOC Part 4 requirements for quality improvement.
  • Discuss managing a patient with an acute illness and type 1 diabetes.
  • Review the common clinical manifestations of spina bifi da in children.
  • Describe the trends in designer drugs of abuse nationally and regionally.
  • Review criteria for autism spectrum disorders from the DSM-V.
  • Review the evaluation for microcytic anemia.

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