Oncology Nutrition

Oncology Nutrition

Julie Lanford, a registered dietitian for Cancer Services, Inc., presents facts about nutrition, breast cancer, prevention and survivorship and provides key messaging for patients.
For more information, visit Julie's Favorite Resources:

·         Blog: www.CancerDietitian.com

·         Facebook: Facebook.com/CancerDietitian 

·         Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: (@CancerDietitian)  

·         American Institute for Cancer Research: www.aicr.org, resource for the latest evidence-based information on nutrition and cancer

·         Center for Science in the Public Interest Nutrition Action Healthletter: www.cspinet.org

·         A guide to food additives: www.ChemicalCuisine.org

·         WebMD: www.WebMD.com

·         Today’s Dietitian Magazine: www.TodaysDietitian.com

·         Environmental Nutrition: www.EnvironmentalNutrition.com

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